Austro Control undertakes to handle all personal information in full compliance with Austrian data protection law.

Consent to the use of personal data

You hereby confirm that you are aware of the fact that Austro Control will use and exchange personal data relating to yourself to perform the Self- and Homebriefing services ("USE OF DATA"). This USE OF DATA will include but will not be restricted to

  • the customisation of the content provided, the responding to your requests for products and services, the improvement of services, statistical purposes and other kinds of processing and transmitting of personal and other data disclosed in your initial application for system access and/or in the course of using the self-/homebriefing system,
  • the comparison of these data with other data relating to myself, for purposes of present and future functioning of the self-/homebriefing system, as for instance system access initialization, Aeronautical Information and Meteorological Services, delivery, checking and forwarding of flight plans as well as charging of fees, and
  • the disclosure of such data by transmission to external data processors for the performance of these tasks.

You hereby give your consent to the USE OF DATA.