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Flightplan filing

The homebriefing system allows you to file flight plans via Internet and at selfbriefing terminals located at all Austrian airports. Just enter your flightplan (FPL) data into an electronic flightplan form. Your FPL will be sent to the responsible ARO, which checks and distributes it. Furthermore you have immediate online feedback about the status of your flight plan (slots, delay etc...) - accepted in the system means that your FPL has been officially accepted and you may carry out your flight according to your flight plan.

FPL → Internet → ARO → AFTN → worldwide distribution

Which FPL actions are accessible online ?

  • file a new flightplan
  • change a flightplan
  • delay a flightplan
  • send an arrival message
  • retrieve slot information
  • cancel a flightplan

When filing your FPL via self-/homebriefing system, a confirmation phone call to the responsible ARO is obsolete, because the system itself (with all its feedback provided) includes the confirmation.


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